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Twin Towns Masonic Centre

Twin Towns Masonic Centre is an exciting and active meeting place with a rich Masonic History.

The centre is a home to lodges that have been in existence for over 100 years and others that have  recently been established.

It is a friendly place with an air of excitement and we welcome anyone who has an interest in freemasonry to visit and find out more about the great assistance that freemasonry provides to our local community.

Over the past 4 years and with the assistance of MasoniCare (Our Grand Charity) the members of the Tweed region have held conferences, run raffles and cooked many BBQ’s raising over $100,000 to support their local hospitals, schools, disaster relief and community projects, charity is something dear to a freemasons heart but it is just one finger on the hand that is freemasonry.

Our members are all great friends who socialise together and support each other making freemasonry an important part of their lives.

 Twin Towns Masonic Centre is the home to 4 Craft Lodges, 2 Royal Arch Chapters, an 18th Degree chapter, a 30th Degree Chapter, a Knights Templar Preceptory, a  St Thomas of Acon and an Order of the Eastern Star. The centre hosts many Masonic functions and supports the local community by providing a meeting place for many local community groups.

There is something going on every week at the Twin Towns Masonic Centre, and we are sure we have a time that would suit your schedule so if you are a freemason visiting the Tweed Heads area please give us a call and come along to one of our friendly meetings, and if you aren’t a freemason now is a great time to join !

Craft Lodges              

(Please note: Summer dress during Daylight Saving Months)

Lodge Tweed United No.136

Lodge Tweed United is one of the founding Lodges for this Northern NSW area. Originaly located in Murwillumbah in Banner St the Chapter was moved to the Twin Towns Masonic Centre in a bid to centralise freemasonry in the Tweed area.

Meetings are held on 2nd Thursday each month (except January) tying at 7.30pm.

Members of all Lodges travel extensively through out Tweed Valley attending Masonic meetings in Twin Towns Masonic centre and you can always get a lift with some of the brethren travelling North.

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Lodge Pacific No. 298

Lodge Pacific is one of the first Lodges to be consecrated in  Twin Towns Masonic Centre being concecrated circa 1915. This Lodge is coming up to it`s centenary year which  is expected to be a great celebration.

Meetings are held on 3rd Wednesday of each month (except December), tyling at 7.30pm DST.

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Lodge Dawn No. 511

Lodge Dawn is also one of the older lodges meeting in Twin Towns Masonic Centre being established in 1923.

Meetings are held on 1st Wednesday of each month (except January) tyling at 7.00pm DST.

If you are a Mason visiting the Tweed or Southern Gold Coast you will be warmly welcomed before the meeting as we gather to chat and share fellowship.

If you are looking to join a Lodge and would like to speak to someone about it then don`t hesitate to come in and ask.

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Twin Towns Daylight Lodge No. 981

This is the only daylight lodge meeting in Twin Towns Masonic Centre. Being a daylight lodge most  members are retired or business men from the area.

Meetings are held on 2nd Friday of each month (except January) tyling at 10.00am.

You will be warmly welcomed and after the meeting there is a light lunch in the south.

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Royal Arch Lodges 

Lodge Cooloon No.188

This newly concecrated Lodge meets monthly in Twin Towns Masonic Centre and came to fuition purly out of demand. It is one of the fastest growing Royal Arch Lodges in NSW. Often you will be able to see multiple candidates being admitted with degree work delivered by experienced Brethren.

Meetings are held on 4th Wednesday of each month tyling at 7.30pm.

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Richmond River Royal Arch Lodge

We will have to put some information about this masonic lodge here...........

Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry 

From the very first day that we are initiated into Masonry we are admonished to make every endeavour to expand our knowledge of Freemasonry, indeed we are told "to make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge".

There is a very good way that you can do this, and the following is a brief introduction as to how to achieve this goal through the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (all 33 degrees) or as it is commonly known -`Rose Croix Masonry'

18th Degree

30th Degree

The Knight Templar of Tweed Heads     

The Knights Templar of Twin Towns Masonic Centre are an elite group of Masons that have persued excellence in all principles of Masonry. Whilst not directly descended from the mediaeval orders of Knights, the present day Knights Templar and Knights of Malta certainly endeavour to uphold the standards of chivalry and morality in an increasingly uncaring world.

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St Thomas of Acon

This is one of only a few Chapters in Australia and has a strong membership. More information will be on the site soon for this chapter.

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Order of the Eastern Star   

OES as it is known is the largest Fraternal organization in the world for women and men. Tweed Masonic Centre has a very active and vibrant Order of the Eastern Star Chapter that meet regularly.

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Twin Towns Masonic Centre

Daylight Orders

Twin Towns Daylight Lodge Craft Lodge 2nd Friday Feb - Dec
Richmond River Royal Arch Royal Arch Lodge 4th Friday Jan - Nov
Coolangatta Tweed Soverign 18th Degree 4th Tuesday Jan, April, July, Oct
Coolangatta Tweed Soverign 30th Degree 4th Tuesday Feb, May, Aug, Nov.
Knights Templar Templars  

Night Time Orders

Lodge Dawn Craft Lodge 1st Wed Feb - Dec
Lodge Pacific Craft Lodge 3rd Wed Jan - Dec
Lodge Tweed United Craft Lodge 2nd Wed Feb - Dec
Lodge Cooloon Royal Arch Lodge 4th Wed Jan- Nov

Order Of The Eastern Star

O.E.S 3rd Friday Jan - Dec


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