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Tweed Valley Masonic Welfare Association

The Tweed Valley Masonic Welfare Association (TVMWA) has been established for over 30 years and is operated voluntarily by the local Freemasons that meet at the Twin Towns Masonic Centre, over the years we have provided funds to many worthwhile charities and also given much needed assistance to various members of our local community.

The TVMWA works closely with MasoniCare (our Grand Charity) to provide funds for many worthwhile causes and we look forward to assisting our local community for many years to come. MasoniCare is the charitable arm of the United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT.

Local Community Organisations we have supported

The Tweed Valley Masonic Welfare Association has raised funds for:


The Tweed Valley Masonic Welfare Association was originally The District 66 Masonic Welfare Association and was formed in 1983 under the guidance of the DGIW for that term (1982 to 1984) Ian Manwaring as the President. Since formation the DGIW for the District has been the Association President.

The Association was originally formed to provide support for our Masonic Community and to present Freemasonry to the Community in general and the members of Lodges meeting at Tweed Heads, Murwillumbah, Uki and Mullumbimby provided enthusiastic support for its activities.

In its original form the Association had two arms, the first providing support for Lodge activities and guidance for protocols and procedures. The second arm was responsible for the various Social activities that were arranged.

Debutante Balls were held each year at various venues, with the young ladies being presented to a prominent Freemason, on many occasions, the Grand Master of the day made himself available for these prominent community functions. These Balls were a highlight of the Social Calendar for many years and continued until the late 1990’s.

In the year 2000 there was a re-allocation of Lodges to Districts and District 66 became District 55 and the Association members decided that a locality name was the best option, the entity changed to Tweed Valley from District 66. This proved to be a wise decision as the District number changed to 57 and in September 2014 our District will be numbered 11.

Since its inception the Association has taken pride in raising charity funds for needy causes in our Community and within Freemasonry. Indeed our generous community members have strongly supported our endeavour’s to carry out our objectives of providing this support to our fellow man.

Tweed Valley Masonic Fundraising Gallery

In addition to the Masonic Ball initiatives there were many other fundraising activities conducted for the benefit of various activities. The list is long so too mention all would not be sensible but there are two prominent events that attracted great support.

During the DGIW term of George King (1984 to 1986) an initiative to host a Camp Quality for seriously ill children at Tweed Heads was undertaken with great success. Funds were raised with several ventures including a giant ‘Garage’ sale at the Murwillumbah Turf Club. The business houses of our area were wonderful with their support. In particular the Sullivan Family provided the facilities at The Smokehouse at no cost. Surfside provided bus transport and their drivers donated their time, the various Theme Parks allowed free entry and also the Butchers, Bakers and Norco with Dairy products were very generous.

The outcome was wonderful with the Children having a nice break and their families having a week of respite.

In 2011 the DGIW Les Hicks promoted a project to raise funds for the Tweed Heads and Murwillumbah Hospitals. A major raffle for a Boat and trailer was conducted over several months. The generosity of our Community allowed us to present cheques for $15,000.00 each to the two Hospital Auxiliaries for important equipment purchases.

We must acknowledge the wonderful support we get from MasoniCare which is the arm of Grand Lodge that manages Masonic Charities. MasoniCare now supports us dollar for dollar when we raise funds for an approved recipient.

Our most recent project was to raise funds to support local branches of NSW Rural Fire Service and this Raffle was drawn by the Grand Master at the official opening of the refurbishment of Twin Towns Masonic Centre on Saturday, 2 August 2014 raising approx $10,000.

Local Freemasons hard at work

The Tweed Hospital Auxiliary
Murwillumbah District Hospital Auxiliary
NSW Rural Fire Service
Camp Quality

Tweed Valley Masonic Welfare News Articles

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Among other things MasoniCare assists our local charity fundraisers by contributing to, or in some cases Matching dollar for dollar the amount our local activities raise to help various registered charities.

In recent times MasoniCare has assisted us with a $10,000 grant towards a “Hospital Fundraiser” that the brethren of District 57 have organised by way of a Boat Raffle involving the local community. Since its inception in 2001, MasoniCare has contributed more than 3.1 million dollars to various community projects in NSW and ACT.

Through the Regional Grants program a total of 131 community projects have received funding from MasoniCare.

Through the Young Achiever program over 40 outstanding young people have received awards from MasoniCare.

Through the Interaction Grants program, MasoniCare and freemasons of NSW & ACT have raised more than $500,000 for community projects in under 4 years.

Local Initiatives

From a local standpoint our plan is, with MasoniCare’s assistance, to raise a total of $30,000 and donate these funds equally between the Tweed Heads and Murwillumbah hospitals by way of the Hospital Auxiliarie’s We plan to target Women’s Care (Tweed) and Palliative Care (Murwillumbah).

MasoniCare is a wonderful initiative and we work very hard to support it because MasoniCare works hard to support us!

Proudly helping our local communities

MasoniCare has been improving the lives and wellbeing of people in our community for over ten years. Proudly supporting causes at a grass roots level, Masonicare tackles critical issues to make a tangible and lasting difference in society.

MasoniCare is the official charity of NSW and ACT Freemasons. It successfully harnesses the combined efforts, and innate charitable characteristics of our fraternity, to reach out across the jurisdiction and help those in need.

Millions of dollars have been donated to hundreds of worthwhile causes, including youth and family welfare, medical research, education, aged care, health and emergency services to name a few.

In summary, MasoniCare’s mission is to:

  1. Develop and deliver a range of charitable activities designed to improve the lives of those in the community.
  2. Enrich an individual’s experience in Freemasonry.
  3. Publicly demonstrate Freemasons in Action.

We invite you to browse our programs and see how you make a difference by proudly supporting our local community.

InterACTION grants

The MasoniCare InterACTION Grants program is designed to stimulate fundraising throughout NSW and the ACT thereby maximising the charitable benefits to local communities.

MasoniCare will contribute to monies raised by Masonic lodges, Districts and Regions for local charities of their choice. This is generally on a dollar for dollar basis and enables us to have a multiplying effect in supporting those causes which need it most.

InterACTION Grants have made a substantial difference in the following areas:

  • Youth and families at risk
  • Medical research
  • Community programs
  • Hospital and medical equipment
  • Support for people with disabilities
  • Aged care
  • Emergency services

The InterACTION Grants program is successfully engaging people across the jurisdiction to make a collaborative difference in proudly supporting our local communities.

Benevolence Grants

MasoniCare’s Benevolence Program is there to support Masons and their families who have fallen on hard times or have difficulties which threaten their wellbeing.

MasoniCare provides confidential financial grants, access to financial advice and counselling services to Masons or their families who are in financial distress. Financial grants are of an amount up to $5,000 ($6,500 for funeral expenses) and subject to the individual circumstances and appropriate due diligence.

The Benevolence program provides comfort and security knowing that MasoniCare is there to care and support our own community in times of need.

Disaster Relief

Sudden natural disasters and other emergencies, can wreak havoc on unsuspecting communities leaving a trail of despair.

The MasoniCare Disaster Relief Fund is designed to offer fast and effective aid to communities in distress impacted by disasters such as fires, flooding, tsunamis and earthquakes. Through the Disaster Relief program, MasoniCare can respond quickly to emergencies, providing much needed financial assistance and other support to communities.

Through the combined efforts of the MasoniCare Disaster Relief program and NSW and ACT Freemasons, we have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to local communities in response to past events. These included assisting families of the 2009 Victorian Bushfire Victims, those of the 2011 floods in Queensland and New South Wales and more recently, in the purchase of thermal imaging cameras for the Rural Fire Service.

The Disaster Relief program is another way that MasoniCare is making a big impact on those in dire need and how we are proudly supporting our local communities.

MasoniCare has been improving the lives and wellbeing of people in our community for over ten years. Proudly supporting causes as a grass roots level, MasoniCare tackles critical issues to make a tangible and lasting difference in society.”

Andrew Fraser MP


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