RGC Region 1 - History

Region 1 and the Grand Lodge vision

The division of regions started in ..... and was initially thought of a way to better stay in touch and service the many Lodges, buildings and Brethren involved in Freemasonry in NSW and ACT...............


How the Regions have changed.

Over the years and as technology has advanced the regions have grown and become larger in both area and numbers. Freemasonry is growing at a great rate in Northern NSW as the message of what we actually do and what we stand for is getting out to the world in new ways.


Vision for the future of Region 1.

Rt Wor Bro Les Hicks has a vision and he isnt about to drop that ball............


New implementation in the Region

The development of a Building inspector............etc more positions like my webmaster position so that I can create a link for others to send stuff to me if they dont know how to get to you les etc.