Cooloon Royal Arch - About

Cooloon Royal Arch Chapter No. 188 

Holding under the United Supreme Grand Chapter of Mark and Royal Arch Masons of NSW and the ACT.


Excellent Companion Les Hicks will always make you welcome

The chapter of Cooloon Royal Arch Lodge 188 is progressing well and the support for the consecration of this chapter was well supported by both The United Grand Supreme Chapter and also local surrounding chapters.

Lodge Cooloon 188 is one of the fastest growing chapters in NSW with membership steadily increasing.

The Chapter meets on 4th Wednesday each month tyling  at 7.30pm. For more information please check the events page of the website.

Officers of the newly consecrated Royal Arch Lodge.

What is Cooloon Royal Arch Lodge.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Mark and Royal Arch Freemasonry. Here we open for you a window to the most interesting, philosophical, colourful and exciting series of degrees in Freemasonry. Join us in our travels through history from Noah’s Ark to Nebuchadnezzar. from Babylon to King SoIomon’s Temple, from the Stonemasons of Medieval Europe to the present day. We also visit Pharaoh’s Egypt in our dazzling Egyptian Room. It is here – as a Master Mason – you will complete your journey of self knowledge and discovery through your study of pure Ancient Masonry. We invite you to learn, be valued and enjoy the fraternity and profound insights available to you as a Royal Arch Mason.

Masonic Lodge meetings

Cooloon Royal Arch Lodge meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month, tyling at 7.30pm

How to join Cooloon Royal Arch Lodge.

To B 1 ASK 1 that is the motto for all freemasonry and when you ask it will be explained to you.

Firstly, you must be a Master Mason for at least 2 years.

Officers of Cooloon Royal Arch for 2013 to 2014


1st Principal

Ex Comp J A Walker

I P 1st Principal Ex Comp L N Hicks
2nd Principal Rt Ex Comp R K Castle
3rd Principal Ex Comp G R Moon
Scribe Nebamiah Comp V Ex Comp W Leeman
Scribe Ezra V Ex Comp J G Barrett
Director of Ceremonies Ex Comp B A Arnol
1st Sojourner Comp G Forrest-Brown
2nd Sojourner Comp R A Ayscough
3rd Sojourner Comp P R Moore
Organist V Ex Comp B V Lamb
Steward Comp P Hulme
Janitor Comp M H Zuschke
Auditor R Ex Comp R K Castle
Auditor Ex Comp B A Arnol


For more information 

Address all enquiries to Scribe Ezra V Ex Comp Graham Barrett 

Phone: 02 6674 2882 or on mobile; 0439 738 340