Twin Towns Daylight No.981 - About

Rt Wor Bro Grahame Marr is Worshipful Master of Twin Towns Daylight Lodge.

Rt Wor Bro Grahame Marr had previously been Worshipful Master of Lodge Dawn in 1979.

During the ceremony of Installation into King Solomons chair Rt Wor Bro Les Hicks made mention of when Grahame was Regional Grand Councillor (RGC) of this district  he officiated during the installation of Les into the chair of Lodge Dawn, now the roles are reversed.


Rt Wor Bro Les Hicks (RGC) explaining how the shoe is now on the other foot Installation of Rt Wor Bro Grahame Marr

Officers for Year 2014-2015

Worshipful Master                                                 Rt Wor Bro G E Marr

Immediate Past Master                                         V Wor Bro L E Douglas

Senior Warden                                                      W Bro G C Richmond

Junior Warden                                                       Rt Wor Bro D P Dezentje

Chaplain                                                               W Bro W Leeman

Treasurer                                                              V Wor Bro G L McKinnon

Secretary                                                              V Wor Bro J G Barrett

Director of Ceremonies                                           Rt Wor Bro B A Arnol

Senior Deacon                                                       Bro B Young

Junior Deacon                                                        Bro J N Parker

Organist                                                                W Bro K L Pedrana

Caring Officers                                                       Rt Wor Bro G E Marr

                                                                            V Wor Bro J J Brady

                                                                            Bro J T Hubbard

                                                                            W Bro J L Kavanagh

                                                                            V Wor Bro G L McKinnon

Inner Guard                                                          W Bro B Barringer

Outer Guard                                                          W Bro O W Brunner

Stewards                                                              Bro T M Hughes

                                                                            Bro J T Hubbard

                                                                            Bro R Manu

Minute Secretary                                                    W Bro R H Robinson

Auditor                                                                  Rt Wor Bro B A Arnol