18th Degree - About


Our Most Wise Sovereign


What is the 18th Degree

The Third Degree, for all Craft freemasons, is the highest degree able to be conferred in any Craft Lodge . The next steps in a Craft Lodge is to take office for example deacons or Wardens and eventually be invested into King Solomon’s Chair and become  Worshipful Master of the Lodge.

The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (the “Rite”) is an Order providing all Craft masons with the opportunity to advance well past the Craft degrees; to expand and extend their knowledge, understanding and indeed their lives in the mysteries and sciences of freemasonry generally.

The Rite in Australia is, generally, perceived to be divided into two distinct sections:

Rose Croix Freemasonry 

These are made up of fourteen Intermediate Degrees starting with the Fourth Degree and closing with the Eighteenth Degree (The Rose Croix Degree). These Degrees deal with the circumstances of “H’s” death, the subsequent actions taken by King Solomon to complete the Temple and the legend of the Secret Vault and its contents.

The Higher Degrees 

The Degrees from the 19th to the 30th inclusive are conferred in a Sovereign Council. These Degrees expand Masonic knowledge and teaching into the cryptic, philosophical and Knightly aspects of the Order. Thereafter, there are three additional degrees (31st to 33rd inclusive) the latter being the highest Degree of the Order.

The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Australia is a unified Order

When do we Meet

The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry meet only four times per year, January, April, July and October. We meet on the fourth Tuesday of the month and tyle at 11am sharp. After the meeting a luncheon is enjoyed in the South.


How to Join the 18th Degree

Joininjg the 18th degree as indicated at the top of the page is only possible after you have completed a Master Mason degree in your Lodge. The best way to approach it is to ask other Masons and be directed in the right direction as to who to speak to.




B A Arnol, N S Duncam B R O’Keeffe
J G Barrett           
V Faley K Pedrana
F Belbe H Fenech F D Power
S Bhattacharya P Fisher L B Smith
P J Blanksby M Flaherty A Squibb
M. Briant L N Hicks N J Towers
O Brunner R C Lynn G G Venkov
S N Byng R McQuillan K D von Paschelke
R K Castle OAM
N J Mainey A J Walker
D F Daniel J L Moir J A Walker
R S Dawson G R Moon I D Welch
D P Dezentje   M Zuschke


Officers for the Year

Most Wise Sovereign Ill.Bro.B.A.Arnol 31
IM Past Most Wise Sovereign Ill. Bro.D F Daniel 31
Prelate  Ill. Bro. J.A.Walker 31
First General  Ill. Bro. H. Frenech 30
Second General  E&P Bro. J.G. Barrett 18
Treasurer  E&P Bro. M. Flaherty 18
Recorder  Em Bro. R.K. Castle OAM 31
Director of Ceremonies  Em Bro. B.R. O Keefe 32
Assistant Director of Ceremonies  Em Bro. N.J.Towers 32
Marshal  E&P Bro. G. R. Moon 18
Raphael  E&P Bro. S. N. Byng 18
Almoner  E&P Bro. F. Belbe
Herald  E&P Bro. N. Mainey 18
Organist   Ill. Bro. K.L. Pedrana 30
Captain of the Guard   Ill. Bro.F.D Power 30
Outer Guard  E&P Bro. L. Hicks 18