Various Freemasonry Links

On this page you will find a number of freemasonry related links from all around the world. The links are not just to websites but also include video, podcasts, documents or Papers and whatever else I can find or come up with.

Please come back to review this page on a regular basis as I will be changing and updating articles and links on a regular basis.

Grand Lodge of NSW and ACT
  This link to the Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT is the governing body of Craft Lodges in this state.

United Supreme Grand Chapter of Mark and Royal Arch Masons
  Here we open for you a window to the most interesting, philosophical, colourful and exciting series of degrees in Freemasonry. Join us in our travels through history from Noah’s Ark to Nebuchadnezzar. from Babylon to King Solomon’s Temple, from the Stonemasons of Medieval Europe to the present day. We also visit Pharaoh’s Egypt in our dazzling Egyptian Room.

United Grand Lodge NSW and ACT Facebook
  Grand Lodge has a facebook page. This is the ruling body for all Lodges in NSW. Lots of information can be read on this site.

Great Priory of Australia
  The Great Priory of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory was established on February 25, 1984 by agreement of the Preceptories and Priories operating under the Great Priory of England and Wales, and the Great Priory of Scotland.

St Thomas of Acon Australia North
  The Commemorative Order of St. Thomas of Acon is an independent British Christian masonic organisation. Membership is restricted to those who are subscribing members of a Preceptory (Commandery).

Tweed Masonic Center Facebook
  Facebook page for all masonic members of Tweed and other masonic centers to come together and share what is happening in their lodges

The Voice of Brotherhood
  An interesting site that offers some thought provoking discussion. Not an Australian site but none the less it is Masonic.

Ordewr of the Eatsern Star Grand Chapter Qld
  The Order of the Eastern Star is the largest Fraternal Organisation in the world to which both women and men may belong.