Debutantes and their partners at the Murwillumbah Masonic Ball at the Civic Centre.

Couples Grace Civic Centre

Debutantes enjoy Masonic Ball

Originally Published: July 1985

The recent combined Murwillumbah Masonic Centenary Ball which was held at the Murwillumbah Civic Centre was attended by over 350 people and attracted 25 debutantes.

The evening commenced with a grand march in true Masonic fashion. The 25 attractive debs were then escorted into the auditorium by Masons of the various lodges and were followed by two charming flower girls, Kylie Butler and Anita Dusi who were escorted by page boy Daniel Phillip.

Right Worshipful Brother Les Pearce, past junior grand warden then led in the official party of Right Worshipful Brother Col Merrin, Assistant Grand Master (who on this occasion was representing the Grand Master Most Worshipful Brother Harry Coates of United Grand Lodge of NSW) and Glad Merrin.

These were followed by Very Worshipful Brother Don Dezentje District Grand Inspector of Workings (the official representative of the Grand Master of UGL of NSW and District 66) and Ann Dezentje, host for the evening Worship Brother George King, Worshipful Master of Lodge Tweed No. 136 and Nora King, Worshipful Brother Bill Munro, Past Master of Lodge Uki No. 497, Worshipful Brother Bernie Brew, Worshipful Master of Lodge Wollumbin No. 446 and Jean Brew and Maria Rustja.

The 25 debs who were introduced Madeline Pearce, were then presented to Right Worshipful Brother Col Merrin PAGM by hostess Nora King The debs and their partners then danced the minuet.

The ball was officially opened by Right Worshipful Brother Col Merrin and Worshipful Brother George King responded on behalf of those present and Sharon Martin responded on behalf of the debs, thanking the partners and presented flowers to Joyce Buchanan and Madeline Pearce who trained the debs and the partners.

Rhonda Hawkins and her partner Craig Bartlett then cut the cake. The evening was declared a great success by all.

Debutantes and their partners were: Louise O’Brien, Peter Thackray; Andrea Brew, Chris Grenna, Jan Barnier, Rodney Roatz; Linda Sharkey, Tan Laske, Rachael Maguire, Peter Baker, Helen King, Les Gorto, Ann Buckley, Graeme Edwards, Karen Lever, Jeff Ric, Helen Godwin, Rodney Loveday, Michelle Martin, Mark Murnane, Leigh Brims, Jeff Mudge, Leslie Mudge, Robbie Farrel, Lisa Johnson, David Johnson, Rhonda Hawkins, Craig Bartlett, Jill Everuss, Darren Ashton, Angela Moscardo, Andrew Everest, Kim Everuss, Alan Conray, Kym Goulding, Jasen Winn, Sharlene Andrews, Terry Lee, Donna Lever, Pete O’Reilly, Lies Roughead, Peter Easton, Gaye McLeod, Kelvin Campbell, Sharon-Lee Martin, John King, Jane Hall, Craig Costigan, Megan Ireland, Todd Capper.

Lodge Tweed United No. 136

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