Our District Chaplain

Twin Towns Daylight Lodge No. 436

Chaplain & Caring Officer

V.Wor.Bro Rev. John Reid

Rev John is the District Chaplain for District 11, a Past Master of Twin Towns Daylight Lodge and a very popular figure throughout the Tweed Heads Area.

Rev John has a wonderful background in pastoral care and is a daily visitor hospitals and various other recognised places of care throughout the Tweed Heads area, Rev John’s experiences will enable all necessary care arrangements to be made with a minimum of fuss and can assist masonic families in many ways.

Rev John is always on hand to assist when pastoral caring and counselling may be required by either a member, his spouse or his family and friends.

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Rev John’s work is based on the three great masonic principles of:

“Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth”

Brotherly Love

In the Masonic sense we must strive to achieve this feeling with our Masonic brethren. We must be wiling to overlook petty grievances or peculiarities. We must strive to see the good things in our brethren and we must cast aside our passions and prejudices and remember that, “All men are my equal.”

By the exercise of brotherly love, we are taught to regard the whole human species as one great family; and that we must aid, support and protect each other.

Rev John is available to help with:

Hospital Ministry

Funeral Assistance


The most common interpretation of relief is some form of charity. The word relief immediately suggests relief form pauperism. Organized charity is set up in almost every community to relieve the distressed. This charity is supported by taxation and public subscription. Its purpose is to assist worthy people who, through some misfortune beyond their control, become destitute. It is the duty of every normal person to contribute to this relief.

Masonic relief has a much deeper meaning. To contribute to public charity is the responsibility of everyone. Every normal citizen is obligated to society to carry his normal share of worthy charity expense. Unless he contributes his share of this burden, he does not pay his lawful debt to society. A person must contribute more than his natural share before he can be classed as one who has donated to relief. Anything less than this is classed as an obligation, not relief.

Masonic relief has still another meaning. A person may be distressed in many ways other than financial. He may have a business or a family problem that discourages him, and a helpful suggestion may give him the relief he needs. He may be lonely because he lacks proper associations; then a cheerful word may give the relief he seeks. We claim that there are many ways of giving relief.

To relieve the distressed is a duty incumbent on all men. To sympathize with them in their misfortunes, to console them in their sorrows and to restore peace to their troubled minds these are the great aims we have in view. We, as Masons, must be alert to recognize these opportunities and offer our services in the way that will best bring relief.

Rev John can assist with:



Veterans Affairs



We commonly think of truth as the opposite of falsehood. When a person’s word is as good as his bond, he is classed as being truthful. To be good and true is one of the first lessons we are taught in Masonry. Unless a person has a reputation of being truthful, he is not morally qualified to become a member of our order. Truthfulness is one of the fundamental requirements of good citizenship. Without truth there would be no foundation for trust and fellowship.

Rev John offers Ministry, he is very approachable and willing to assist whenever he is needed, please call him if you need assistance on Ph: 07 5599 1417.

Tributes and Funeral Services

Rev. John also can assist you with Masonic Tributes and organisation of Funeral Services by way of providing venue, Clergy or Celebrant. Please feel free to contact him regarding your wishes.

Contact our District Chaplain

Rev. John Reid

Contact the District Chaplain

V.Wor.Bro Rev. John Reid

District Chaplain

Ph: 07 5599 1417

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