Coolangatta Masonic Temple

Formally located – Lanham Street, Coolangatta, Qld

Temple officially closed in 1974

Lodge Coolangatta No. 298 (UGLQ)

Consecrated in 1922

A Short History of the Coolangatta Masonic Lodge
(1922 – 1972)

Coolangatta Masonic Temple (1949 – 1974)

In The Beginning

Diligent search and inquiry has failed to bring to light information of any moves at the local level for the formation of a Lodge at Coolangatta, except a reference in the minutes of Southport Lodge in 1922 that this lodge was in favour of a Lodge being established at Coolangatta.

It is indeed unfortunate that by December 1971 not one of our Foundation Members or early initiates or affiliates was still living.

So we have had to turn to the Minutes for information of-events in the early history of Coolangatta Lodge. In this regard, references to many matters well known at that time are passed over briefly in the records, and we can only conjecture what the full story might be.

Reproduction of Consecration Card

Foundation Officers















Wor. Bro. R.C. GRAHAM

Wor. Bro. A.E. POWELL



Bro. E. BALL

Wor. Bro. E. P. MOORE




Bro. H. E. TWIGG


Bro. J. ASH


Bro. T. BICK

1920’s – This We Do Know

On SATURDAY, 18th NOVEMBER 1922 in the Coolangatta Town Hall, Most Worshipful Bro. Charles Stumm, K.C., then Grand Master, consecrated Coolangatta Lodge according to Ancient Custom. Following this ceremony, Rt. Wor. Bro. G. Weatherlake, Senior Grand Warden, installed Wor. Bro. R. C. Graham as Foundation Master. Other Officers, together with Foundation Members are shown on the reproduction of the Consecration Card seen below.

Records show that a total of eighteen Lodges from many places in Queensland and northern New South Wales sent delegations. Even a Lodge from London was represented among the visitors. At that meeting it is recorded that William Lockwood (Joining Brother) as well as Samuel Hislop and Raymond Teske had applied for membership. These were duly balloted for at the next meeting, and the latter two became our earliest initiates.

As early as April 1923 the inconvenience of holding meetings in a Town Hall was discussed, and it is on record that the first moves were made to procure a suitable piece of land where on to build a Temple as soon as practicable. For this purpose the W.M., I.P.M. and Secretary were instructed to act towards this end, and by August of the same year a decision was made to purchase a piece of land in Tweed Street. This land, having an area of 30 perches was bought for Thirty Pounds, a considerable price for those days. But by May 1924, the members, for reasons unstated, sold this land.

References in minutes of Meetings from the beginning had been made to two matters that had cropped up on a number of occasions. These were the date of Installation and as to whether the Lodge should be “wet” or “dry.” The latter was resolved first, the decision being “dry.” Now the Installation was changed to the month of September.

Coolangatta Town Council Chambers

 1924 opening of the Methodist Church in Lanham Street.

Uniting Church Hall on the same site, present day.

At this time also, it seems certain that financial worries beset the Lodge, and every occasion to practice economy was taken. Sums of Seven Shillings and six pence for refreshments and Four Shillings for cordials were the average expenditure for this part of the Meeting. As well, the matter of the unsuitability of the Town Hall had not been forgotten, and it was no surprise to read that in August 1924 it was resolved that future meetings should be held in the Methodist Church. With the permission of this body, a trapdoor was cut in the floor of the Church and from a tiny room built on the ground below, furniture was raised and lowered every meeting by members dressed for the meeting. As well, heavy church seats had to be both stacked around the walls to clear a space for the Lodge, and replaced again that night by our brethren. The Town Hall must have indeed been unsuitable, if this was preferred. It was at this period of our history that we read that it was agreed that “Meetings in future will be held on the First Thursday after the Full Moon at 7.00 p.m.” Both the foregoing came into operation in October 1924 — “to the greater comfort of the brethren” as is recorded in the Minutes.

A change of Secretary is noted in 1924, the original Bro. Mustchin being replaced by Bro. Hislop. The latter continued in this office until 1927, when he was elected as Junior Warden. The new Secretary then elected was Bro. Sackett.

Meetings were now to proceed without much of interest to relate, although a decline in Degree Work was evident from the early closing of Lodge on many occasions.

Here, it is with regret that we find that the Minute Book covering the period April 1929 to March 1937 cannot be found any where. What happened to it is not known. Thus a considerable part of our History is forever lost.

Grand Officers & Officers at the 1923 Installation


The next move of consequence is noted in Minutes of October 1937, where mention is made of the receipt of Plans from Grand Lodge for a “Country Temple.” From this we deduce that the matter of a Lodge building of our own had not been forgotten. At the same meeting members were told of a reply from the Railway Department, accepting our tender of One Hundred and Twenty-Five Pounds for a piece of land, described as “Resub 1, Sub. 2, Allotment 3, Section 19, Town of Coolangatta.” This land has been identified as the piece upon which our present Temple stands.

At once a Building Committee was formed consisting of V. Wor. Bro. L. Ricketts, Wor. Bro. G. Shambrook, Wor. Bro. Brotherton and the W.M., Wor. Bro. F. Neilson, as well as Bro. Girvan and the Secretary, Wor. Bro. S. Hislop.

A note in the minutes of December 1937, referring to a letter from Grand Lodge is intriguing. Here a reference is made to “dual control” and advising our Lodge against such a proposition. It is thought that it could refer to a proposal by the Order of the Eastern Star that they assist financially with the raising of funds for a Temple, with the agreement that they share ownership.

With the careful husbanding of funds the position was reached that seemed to warrant a start to a Temple and Guarantors were sought from amongst Members, but with the intervention of World War II the scheme was shelved. Indeed with so many of our members in the Forces, the Lodge was hard put to remain active, and Dues fell off considerably, serving members of the Forces being exempt from payment of Dues.

Masonic Installation — Coolangatta Lodge

September 23, 1930

The installation of Bro. Albert Boetteher as Master of Coolangatta Lodge was performed by the retiring Master, Wor. Bro. H Brotherton on Saturday night, the ceremony being attended by a distinguished company of Grand Lodge Officers of Queensland. These included Most Wor. Bro. W. H. Green, Grand Master, who was accompanied by Right Wor. Bros. A. R. Neilson (S.G.W.), W. B. Darker (J.G.W.), and A. J. Hardy (G.D. of C.) and Wor. Bros. J. A. Boden and P. C. Sapsford (G.D.’s), F. N. Walker (G.S.B.) and G. S. Parker (G.H.)

The following officers for 1930-31 were duly invested by Wor. Bro. A. Boettcher (W.M.): Bro. L. Peak (S.W.), Bro. J. Brown (J.W.), Wor. Bro. W. Johnson (Chaplain), Bro. T. Harris (Treasurer), Wor. Bro. G. W. Sackett (Secretary), Wor. Bro. L. Ricketts (D. of C.), Bros A. E. Page (S.D.), Carlin (J.D.), H. E. A. Stanford (I.G.), W. Davies, T. M. May, and T. A. Graham (Stewards) and Wor. Bro. C. Lewis (Tyler).

Wor. Bro. H. Brotherton was the recipient of a P.M.’s jewel presented by the Most Wor. the Grand Master, and Wor. Bro. Sackett was presented with a secretary’s gavel by Wor. Bro. Brotherton to mark his fourth term of office as honorary secretary.

An adjournment was made to “St.Leonard’s”, the residence of Bro. L. Peak, where a banquet, was served.

The Tweed Daily, Murwillumbah.

St. Leonards Guest House, Coolangatta

St. Leonards was a well known guest house in Marine Parade, Coolangatta, adjacent to Beach House. It was renovated several times over the years but the basic original building remained behind the renovations. Both guest housed were demolished for the construction of the current Beach House complex. Alderman Len Peak of the Coolangatta Town Council owned St. Leonards. It was obviously used for the Lodge’s banquets and only a short distance from the Methodist Church, now the Uniting Church Hall in Lanham Street, Coolangatta until construction of the Lodge centre in Lanham Street which contained a lodge room and a function room.


However in November 1943, believing that the end of the conflict was in sight, Grand Lodge was again consulted regarding the erection of a building containing Flats on the lower floor and a Temple above. In their reply, Grand Lodge did not appear impressed, but invited the Lodge to prepare Sketch Plans and submit same to them for consideration. To add to the problems of the Lodge, the Methodist Church, needing its single building for its own purposes, urged that we vacate their premises at the earliest date convenient, but, placed no urgency on their request. No doubt this acted as a spur to members, for we find a note of urgency in records of discussions regarding “our Temple” as it was now referred to in meetings.

From now on the dream of a Temple of our own became a task to be attacked with vigour and determination. This dream was quite soon to become a reality. Indeed the story of Coolangatta Lodge until 1949 was the struggle to have our own home. It might also be said that paying for it was another task until the debt was cleared in 1969.

In rapid succession, action to have a Building Committee draw plans; to have guarantors offer themselves to cover the proposed indebtedness; and to find a building which we could have removed and then erected on our land, became the target for the Lodge. No doubt the knowledge that many buildings no longer needed by the Defence Department were being offered at Auction at most reasonable prices seemed the answer to our needs. Accordingly, in October 1947 Rt. Wor. Bro. Ricketts and Wor. Bro. Girvan were commissioned to attend an Auction at Gatton, at which two large huts situated on Kirra Beach were to be offered to the public.

To the delight of all, they returned with the good news that they had been successful in securing these buildings for the reasonable figure of $800. At once, members who could do so, were urged to make interest-free loans to the Lodge, so that, with Grand Lodge help, the venture could be begun without any further delay. Tenders were called for the sectioning, removal and re-erection of the huts, and a brother mason — Bro.Vickers — was the successful tenderer.

However, our troubles were not over, as, after getting the buildings to the site, the tenderer withdrew from the contract. It was left to V. Wor. Bro. Ricketts, Wor. Bro. Girvan and a number of other keen brethren to take up the task. So the erection was completed, many modifications being required due to the very nature of the materials found in the purchased buildings. The painting and furnishing of the Temple was a task of some magnitude, and were member, among others, the devotion and effort of Bros. Alf Lewis and Bro. Leo Brett, without whose efforts the painting would never have been completed on time. It is said that they completed painting only hours (three) before the time of DEDICATION — 3.00p.m. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8th, 1949. The truly magnificent efforts of this band of stalwarts cannot be too highly commended, and it is unfortunate that their Trojan efforts were not fully recorded, even if they were at the time, acknowledged and appreciated. For any omissions we apologise.

So, at 3.00 p.m., Most Wor. Bro. Eustace Jones, assisted by Grand Officers, performed the ceremony of Dedication almost twenty-seven years after the Consecration of the Lodge. At 7.00 p.m. on the same afternoon, a team of Past Masters of the Lodge, led by V. Wor. Bro. W. (Bill) Johnson, installed Bro. Claude Jarvis into the Chair of K.S.

The Kirra Beach & Greenmount Hill US Navy R&R Camps
during World War II

It is from the Kirra Beach camp that the huts were moved to form Lodge Coolangatta’s building in Lanham Street.

1950’s – 1970’s

In 1950, a move was made by a group of brethren to have a Daughter Lodge formed in Coolangatta. This was initiated as a consequence of a number of members believing that their progress towards the Chair of K.S. was unduly slow. The matter was resolved in November 1950, when the Master, Wor. Bro. Dee had a Special Meeting convened to consider the move. The result was that a clear majority considered that the proposition was not in the best interests of Masonry in the area, and no more was heard of this design.

This has been the story of Coolangatta Lodge to 1949, and this “temporary”. building we erected has become a more “permanent” home than we intended or hoped. We have appreciated it nevertheless, even if paying it off has proved somewhat onerous. We are proud to say that all repayments to Grand Lodge were honoured on time and we express appreciation of the financial assistance they were pleased to make available to us. Succeeding Masters have attended to the maintenance and made improvements, assisted, of course, by their Officers and other brethren.

For the reason stated earlier, it has been difficult to obtain much information, other than that contained in the minutes, to trace our progress. We hope that we have been accurate in what we have presented.

But we can now add various photographs and Installation Cards that have been offered to us. These, we hope, may recall to the reader anecdotes and remembrances of bygone days.

And finally, Brethren, we wish to place on record some thoughts as we enter the second half century of our existence. We share with our friends across the border the claim to be the most easterly Lodges in Australia, while we ourselves believe that we are the most southerly in the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland.

Our association with Lodges Dawn and Pacific has been harmonious and our work in the cause of Masonry Universal has been rewarding. Our Annual Masonic Ball is a highlight of the social life of the Twin Towns, and of this we are justly proud.

We are grateful for the opportunity to extend the Right Hand of Fellowship to so many Masons from such a number of Lodges and Constitutions — and even lands across the sea. It has been our privilege to make most welcome hundreds of Masons who each year make this area their holiday venue. On their part they have regaled us with accounts of Masonry in many places spread throughout the World.

Coolangatta Lodge will always be honoured to receive our Visitors.

Some Pen Pictures

V.Wor.Bro Bill Johnson
(became known as ‘the godfather’ of Lodge Pacific No. 298).

Bill, his brother Dan along with their father
were foundation members of Lodge Tweed No. 136.

R. Wor. Bros. Ricketts and Shambrook together
with Bro. Ron Teske at an Installation

To single out any Brethren for special mention can be fraught with the danger that one has not completely covered the question. But no-one will cavill with a mention of V. Wor. Bro. “Bill” Johnson. He was, without a doubt, our “Grand Old Man.” As foundation Senior Deacon he gave strength to the infant Lodge, and it was no surprise that he was elected Master in 1925. From that time onward until his death in 1956 he was a legend amongst Masons in the Twin Towns. His years of service as Tyler alone would have given him a special place in our memories, but his service as “backstop” was a comfort to many a Master, as it was taken for granted that he could fill any gap in any degree with distinction if required. His pipe was his ever present badge and it was not uncommon for the aroma of his favourite “weed” to waft through the portal. His wise counsel was sought by many a Master and Officer who called on his judgment in matters Masonic. Our regret is that he did not live long enough to enjoy more years in the chair that was presented to him on his eightieth birthday.

In another way we specially remember Rt. Wor. Bro. Len Ricketts. He was the Lodge’s Foundation Inner Guard and followed Old Bill in to the Chair. A perfectionist at all times, he made a name for himself as a ritualist par excellence. We well remember his dignity and sense of perfect timing in Floor Work, and many a Master that followed him valued his help and example. It is in connection with the erection of our Temple that his devotion was amply illustrated. To him a difficulty was but a hurdle to be surmounted, and he was to be seen on the site helping and directing from early morn till dark on numerous occasions. His loss to us in 1965 was mourned by all.

If we can add another, Rt. Wor. Bro. Shambrook, the triology is complete. “Silver” as he became affectionately known in later years, was the Foundation Organist and followed Len Ricketts into the Chair in 1927. It is worthy of note that all three, Old Bill, Len and George served second terms in the Chair during those difficult War Years referred to previously. However Rt. Wor. Bro. Shambrook’s big smile and unfailing good humour gave heart to many an officer who, when beset with problems, talked them out with George, and departed with renewed hope, for “Silver” could ever see a brighter side. His work for the Lodge in Degrees gave us a fine example. He is well remembered as Scribe E. of Pt. Danger R.A.C. Over many years. He went to a well earned rest in April, 1967.

History originally written by brethren of Lodge Coolangatta No. 298 (UGLQ)
for the Golden Jubilee Celebration Booklet (1972).

Supplied by Rt.Wor.Bro Ross Johnson (Lodge Pacific No. 298)

Lodge Coolangatta Historical Lectures
& Newspaper Articles

November 13, 1997

Brethren, Ladies, Gentlemen, friends. This is a short history of Coolangatta lodge, I decided that long history lessons only create sleepy audiences, and as this it to be a night to remember, sleepy audiences are the last thing we need.

Every good story starts with “In The Beginning” but I think that a better start for the Coolangatta Lodge story would be “once upon a time” as it is a bit of a fairy tale which is about to unfold, so on with the story.

I have taken notes from the records, various stories handed down and along with writings from previous gatherings including our Golden Jubilee meeting which was held on Saturday 18th November 1972.

Nowhere can any information be found as to the actual situation which caused the brethren in this area to bring about the formation of a lodge in Coolangatta. The only reference to the proposed formation of such a lodge is noted in the record of the minutes of our mother lodge Southport in the year 1922, and the next year after our formation, in 1923 saw our daughter lodge formed at Burleigh.

What we do know is that on Saturday 18th November 1922 in the Coolangatta Town Hall, that building which was on the corner of Warner and Griffith Streets, where the multi storey building called Showcase on the Beach containing the TAFE college, the hotel and a host of shops now stands.

The Most Wor Grand Master, MW Bro Charles Stumm KC and Grand Officers carried out the Consecration of this lodge and on the completion of that ceremony, Rt Wor Bro Weatherlake the then Senior Grand Warden installed Wor Bro R.C.Graham as the Foundation Master and then followed the investiture of the foundation team of officers.

In 1923 the use of the Town Hall as a meeting place was causing problems, so the Master, IPM and secretary were requested to see whether there was a piece of land for sale and suitable for the building of a lodge thereon. They found a site just over the hill from this building, in Tweed Street containing 30 perches and so bought it for 30 Pounds. (60 dollars) But in May 1924 it was decided to sell the land, no reason is given.

The lodge at this time was a Dry lodge and after many meeting discussing the Installation date, it was changed to September. The never ending problem of finance plagued the lodge in those early days.

The decision to move from the Town Hall to the Methodist Church was made in late 1924, and the members of this lodge built a room in the basement of the church to contain all their gear etc, they cut a trap door in the floor of the church and hoisted all the equipment up into the hall above on each meeting night, after having cleared and Stacked the church pews, after the meeting the whole process was reversed. Would we get anyone to do that today?, I doubt it.

About this time it was decided that the meetings would in future be held on the “first Thursday after the Full Moon and at 7pm”. That sounds like a sentence out of a murder story. But with no street lights and most coming on horseback it made sense to take use of the moonlight.

One old stager told me that on a lodge meeting day he would come in to town on his old horse, as it was a dry lodge then, he would have a few drinks before the meeting, but kept a two pints bottle in his saddle bag for the return journey. Most times he secured himself in the saddle and let old Dobbin carry him home, he said he would nod off in the saddle and often awakened to find it daylight, he was Still in the saddle but in the stable on his farm. They must have been keen Freemasons in the days gone bye.

Unfortunately the Minute book covering the period from April 1929 till March 1937 has gone walkabout, so an important part of our history is lost probably for ever.

October 1937 and the proposal to build our own Temple got off the ground, by the purchase of the site in Lanham St from the Railway Department, for the sum of One Hundred and Twenty Five Pounds. It looks as if land prices were on the way up even then. The Second World War now intervened and the plans for a lodge building were shelved.

1947 saw The Building committee successfully bid 400 Pounds for two ex-army huts which were on Kirra Beach, these were demolished and the material used to build the lodge on the Lanham St site. After a long struggle the building was competed, the paint still wet, the Dedication of the building at 3pm on Saturday the 8th of October 1949 was carried out by the then Grand Master, Most Wor Bro Eustace Alfred Jones and a team of Grand Officers, almost 27 years after the Consecration of the Lodge.

At 7pm that evening the Installation of Bro Claude Jarvis as Master and investiture of officers took place.

Unfortunately like all things if you have a building which is only used about once a month by yourself and you still have to pay the bills which include the rates, electricity, sewerage and everything else, then you must rent it out to others. The finance committee did this, but still struggled to make end meet.

It was decided to offer the site for sale to developers and purchase a third share in this, the Boyd St Masonic Temple, then owned by Lodges Dawn and Pacific, who like Coolangatta were also struggling to keep up the maintenance of the building and pay off a few debts. The building in Lanham St was eventually sold and from the proceeds of that sale Coolangatta Lodge paid $10,000 to Lodge Dawn and $10,000 to Lodge Pacific and so became a third owner in this structure.

Not long afterwards it was decided to increase the length of the lodge room to nearly double it’s size and fit carpets upstairs, a few years ago Coolangatta Lodge paid for for the various additions which were also made to both sides of the lodge room, to accommodate the various orders which meet here. We had air conditioning installed upstairs and only recently in this supper room too. These things are ongoing for the comfort of the members.

Finally we shouldn’t forget the pioneers who started this lodge and some of them who carried on the tradition later.

Streets and Parks have been named after them and their families, some that come to mind are Mustchin Park at Miles St, the GCCC Shambrook Caravan Park off Coolangatta Rd, Thrower Drive Currumbin, Johnson St, Graham St, Gibson St, Matters St and Lang St all at Bilinga, Dixon St Coolangatta, Peak Oval Coolangatta and Jarvis Lane which leads up to that oval, Winders Park and Street at Currumbin, Skelton Park opposite the Senior Citizens centre in Chalk St and finally but by no means least the Wally McAndrew park on top of the hill next to the reservoir at Currumbin.

Well I did say it was a fairy story and this lodge is today, by the work of all the old stagers, financially sound and has no debts, all we need is more new members. But like the fairy tale “That’s a Neverending Story”.

Thanks for listening and enjoy our night.

Wor Bro Jim Salmond PJGD


Coolangatta Lodge No. 298 (UGLQ)

July 10, 2001

Wor Master and brethren,

A lodge at Coolangatta or in that vicinity was seen as a “must have’ by the farmers and timber getters, in the valleys of Currumbin and Tallebudgera and even further over at Mudgeeraba, the locals required a lodge near to them. They were fed up riding the 20 odd miles to lodge at Southport and home again by the light of the moon and often in an intoxicated condition no doubt.

In the minutes of Southport Lodge in the early 1922’s an item said that that lodge was in favour of raising a lodge at Coolangatta, no doubt to get rid of a number of these distant “whingers’’.!!!!!

They were successful in their efforts because on the 18th of November 1922 the Consecration meeting of Coolangatta Lodge was held in the old Town Hall building at the corner of Warner St and Griffith st Coolangatta, the site is now occupied by an enormous shopping complex, but the TAFE offices is where the Town Hall was. That entire area from Griffith St up Warner St to the esplanade was all government land and was occupied by the Court House, the then South Coast Council offices including the actual Council Chambers, the council public library, the fire station and as our senior warden would certainly know, the Police Station. Memories are made of this no doubt.

The consecration ceremony was conducted by the at that time, Most Worshipful Grand Master, Bro Charles Stumm KC and a team of Grand Officers, this was followed by the first installation ceremony of Coolangatta Lodge when Wor Bro R.C. Graham was placed in the chair of King Solomon as our first master. The records show that at least 18 lodges from Queensland, New South Wales and further afield sent delegations to the installation. One delegation was from Lodge Mount Morgan QLD, no doubt our acting master knows of that lodge and where it is. Three propositions were read out, two for initiation and one from a joining brother.

It is interesting to note that at the 27th of December 1922 meeting, the secretary was instructed to petition the then Grand Secretary to assist in forming a lodge at Burleigh, perhaps similar to Southport Lodge we wanted to get rid of some of our “whingers’, who knows??

It is minuted that an account was approved for payment to a R.S.HEWS and co printers and stationers Brisbane for this Minute Book and other lodge books, probably account ledgers and lodge roll books, the fact that the account was for eleven pounds and seventeen shillings, that would seem to me to be an incredible sum to pay for stationary at that time in the 1922’s.

Disaster nearly struck at the meeting of the lodge on the 17th of February 1923 when the following motion was tabled, “That this lodge be a DRY lodge and that a ballot of members be taken on this issue’, the ballot couldn’t have been taken that night because the note at the end of the minutes said, The lodge was closed at 10pm with Love, Peace and Harmony prevailing.

On the meeting of the 17th of March 1923 the original proposer asked that before the ballot be taken, the motion put by him now be altered to read, “THAT NO INTOXICATING LIQUORS BE ALLOWED AT ANY FUTURE MEETINGS’ after a discussion it was moved that a secret ballot be taken on the question, It is noted that ‘The dry lodge motion was LOST’. the meeting close at 10.30 pm with the same note, in Love, peace and harmony. I wonder???

At. the meeting of the 14th April 1923 the inconvenience of meeting in the town hall was raised and a committee was instructed to purchase a suitable block of land on which to build a Temple. They found and purchased a block in Tweed St for the sum of thirty pounds, that same block was sold a few years ago with an old fibro cottage on it to a developer for $350,000, a third of a million, what a pity the lodge hadn’t kept the site, but they sold it not long after the purchase, well they say you can’t win them all.

Here Wor Master I will finish this episode in our history but perhaps I shall have a further opportunity in the future to continue the story. I thank you all for your attention.

Wor Bro Jim Salmond PJGD


Coolangatta Lodge No. 298 (UGLQ)

November 17, 1972 – Daily News

A Commonwealth first will occur next Saturday night, when two Grand Masters of the United Grand Masonic Lodge attend a banquet at Tweed Heads.

It will be the first time in the Commonwealth that two Grand Masters attend a Lodge meeting.

The Queensland Grand Master, the Most Worshipful Grand Master N. Baver, and the N.S.W. Grand Master, the Most Worshipful Grand Master B. C. N, Blight will arrive at Coolangatta Airport at 10.50am (QLD time), accompanied by the Grand Director of Ceremonies the Very Worshipful Brother J. L. Eddy.

At 2pm (QLD time), the Grand Masters and Grand Officers will attend an official function marking the 50th year of Lodge Coolangatta

The function will be held at Lodge Coolangatta, and Lodge members from Nambour to Ballina will attend.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, all will move to Lodge Dawn, Boyd Street, Tweed Heads, for the 50th installation of Brother Ray Murray.

The function will commence at 5.30pm (QLD time), with the installation beginning about 7.45pm (QLD time).

During their stay, the Grand Masters and Grand Director of Ceremonies will be guests at the home of Mr J. Schumacher, of Tweed Heads.

They will be taken on a tour of the Tweed Valley on Sunday morning, and will leave by plane at 2.20pm (QLD time) on Sunday.

Golden Jubilee – Office Bearers, 1972-73

Golden Jubilee Celebration Booklet
(1922 – 1972)


















Wor. Bro. B. W. HALSTEAD

Wor. Bro. K. TOFT


V.Wor. Bro. H. R. LANE

V.Wor. Bro. J. C. ANDERSEN

V.Wor. Bro. C. A. BARRETT

V.Wor. Bro. M. SCOTT

Wor. Bro. G. T. LAUDER


Wor. Bro. W. P. BARNAART



Rt.Wor. Bro. E. H. TAYLOR



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Lodge Coolangatta No. 298 (UGLQ)
Historical Meeting Information

Meeting Date

Every 2nd Tuesday (Feb – Dec)

Lodge Tyled: 7.00pm

Coolangatta Masonic Temple
Lanham St, Coolangatta

(1949 – 1974)

Annual Installation

2nd Saturday in September

Lodge Tyled: 4.00pm

Twin Towns Masonic Centre
Boyd St, Tweed Heads

(1974 – 2013)

Present Day Location

Camila Units now reside where the former Coolangatta Masonic Temple was originally located on Lanham St.

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