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Twin Towns Daylight Lodge No. 436

The Beginnings of Daylight

Twin Towns Daylight Lodge had its beginnings in late 1983 when Wor.Bro John Moir shared his thoughts with others in suggesting that the first Daylight Lodge be formed on the Tweed.

Tweed Heads had become a 7 day a week 24-hour town. Twin Towns, Seagulls and Tweed Bowls had become large Clubs, South Tweed was growing and the Gold Coast was becoming a major winter attraction to bowlers who lived in the colder climates in the South.

John was an active Bowler and visited Clubs in his sporting activities. He became acquainted with many Bowlers through conversations often about our Masonic interests. Subsequently his initiative relating to a daylight lodge was a reality with good attendance at the early meetings.

These early meetings were interesting because not everyone who attended wanted a Daylight Lodge. Comments such as “it’s a flash in the pan” – “it won’t work” – “it’s breaking Masonic traditions” were some that were circulated.

“How can you do a third degree in the daytime?”

After about three meetings consensus as to a name, a meeting day, an installation month and dress recommendations were reached. These and other domestic matters were drafted into by-law form and John visited Sydney to put the presentation forward.

Once more there were some difficulties to conquer. Dress proposal was to be as we now regard as our uniform. This was initially rejected out of hand as a jacket was expected and not negotiable and bow ties were preferred to long ties.

Other minor issues were returned for reconsideration including our proposal regarding ladies attending in the South.

These issues were then reviewed, and we set out a detailed proposal regarding jackets and reminded those who were in Sydney that our climate was not conducive to heavy clothing and that the attendance of our ladies was not negotiable.

Wor.Bro John Moir and wife Ann celebrate
the consecration of Twin Towns Daylight Lodge

The Affiliation Conundrum

Grand Master M.Wor.Bro G. Coates, W.M. Wor.Bro G. King
& Wor.Bro R. Davis during the Lodge Tweed Centenary in 1986

The next issue to address was the affiliation of non-NSW/ACT brethren, approximately 40 of those masons who placed their name on the foundation list were either unattached or from another jurisdiction. Therefore, they needed to be affiliated with a NSW/ACT Jurisdiction Lodge. As the Lodge was not yet formed it had to be somewhere else.

Wor.Bro George King solved the problem, George was WM of Lodge Tweed and it was the Centenary year of that Lodge and the Daylight Lodge became the Centenary project, and all necessary papers were completed. At the next meeting of Lodge Tweed all were accepted as members without fee and confirmed by Grand Lodge. All was now good.

After many constructive meetings at about two-month intervals we had an acceptable plan in place. Officers were elected and we were expecting to have the consecration in March 1985. However the Grand Master had to change the date to June because of conflicting engagements.

Historical Newspaper Articles

Consecration of Daylight Lodge

W.M. Wor.Bro John Moir & wife Ann during the
Twin Towns Daylight Lodge Installation celebrations

The Grand Master was given an official welcome at Kingscliff Bowls Club on the Friday before the consecration. The Chairman of the Board at Kingscliff was Stan Nichols also a foundation member.

The Consecration ceremony was carried out by the Grand Master and his team and the banquet was in the ANZAC Room at Twin Towns Services Club. All areas of this memorable day were first class.

Daylight’s Foundation Officers


John Moir


Bruce Arnol


Arthur Trott

The Bowls Club Connection

There was a close close connection to the Bowls Clubs of the area. At that time many people who moved to our town had an interest in Bowls.

At Tweed Heads Bowls Club Alan Nichols kept abreast of things and steered visitors and affiliates in the direction of the Lodge.

Over at South Tweed Bowls Club there was Ray Briddick and Darney Thompson. Ray was a retired Police Inspector who had been a senior prosecutor and was a very persuasive talker. He was the man in charge of the Bowls office and if a new member or a visitor was going to play, invariably Ray would ask are you a Mason, he was a master recruiter. Ray was the foundation Chaplain and the VSL still used by the Lodge was donated by Ray and his family.

At Kingscliff Bowls Club we had many Masons and Stan Nichols and Bruce Arnol were the contact members at that venue.

Burgeoning Membership

Our early years saw regular Initiations and when we had ritual work, the delivery of the charges were sometimes a challenge. The real message was that the Lodge was a success and we were filling an important role in presenting Masonry to the Tweed Community. Masonry had created a new awareness and we were continually affiliating members as well as the Initiations.

At the Installation in June 1986 there were more than 140 Masons present and 128 people attended the banquet. There were representatives of each jurisdiction except WA.

Subsequently in 1988 there were 126 members of the Lodge. Many were from interstate and attended during the winter months. Many others were shift workers in the various hospitality outlets who simply could not attend an evening Lodge.

One of our most interesting episodes in that era was that there were several NZ Masons who were also bowlers came as a group and on several occasions gave us a demonstration of how work was carried out in the NZ jurisdiction Lodges.

Greater Organisational Duties for Daylight Members

Daylight Members Rt.Wor.Bro Graham Moon (left) with Grand Master M.Wor.Bro D. Robson (centre)
and Rt.Wor.Bro Les Hicks & Rt.Wor.Bro Bruce Arnol during the Twin Towns Masonic Centre re-opening in 2014

The Lodge has provided several officers to the administration of Freemasonry in our Jurisdiction. Graham Marr has served two terms a DGIW and was the inaugural RGC for our Region and served 5 years in that role.

Bruce Arnol served two terms as DGIW and two terms as RGC and has also served on the Board of Management of Grand Lodge on two occasions, as Chairman, Operations and more recently Chairman, Building Committee. He is currently Chairman, Grand Masters Task Team.

Les Hicks has also served as DGIW and two terms as RGC, he is a member of the Grand Lodge Board of Management and after serving as Chairman, Operations Committee, is now the Chairman of the Board of Management.

Graham Moon has been the Region 1 Building Officer for two terms.

The late Neville Langley PM was also a DGIW.

There are several Lodge members who have been recognised for their service to Masonry by being rewarded with Grand Lodge honours:

Past Deputy Grand Master

  • Rt.Wor.Bro Alan Walker
  • Rt.Wor.Bro Bruce Arnol

Past Assistant Grand Master

  • Rt.Wor.Bro Grahame Marr
  • Rt.Wor.Bro Don Dezentje

Past Grand Wardens

  • Rt.Wor.Bro Les Hicks
  • Rt.Wor.Bro Graham Moon

The Consolidation
of Lodge Dunoon

In 2018 Twin Towns Daylight Lodge was approached to allow Lodge Dunoon to consolidate and become Twin Towns Daylight Lodge No. 436, changing the number only from 981. After carrying out all recognized protocols and procedures the consolidation was approved by Grand Lodge.

As soon as the Lodge became operational membership grew and it has been recognized since that time that Twin Towns Daylight Lodge was a success and today remains as the Lodge at Tweed Heads with the greater number of members.

Our Ladies

Over many, many years our ladies have contributed to our success. Until very recently all our South banquets were prepared and presented by those wonderful ladies. Time has dealt with that exercise. Ladies, we are extremely grateful.

Recent Charity Efforts

Charity has been a strong point of the Lodge and at the February 2020 meeting members donated $2,000.00 to the Grand Masters Disaster Fund to assist with Bush Fire Relief.

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