Knights Templar

The modern masonic order of Knights Templar is based on the historical events associated with two great military and religious Orders that existed at the time of the Crusades.

The full title of the Order represents the joining together of the two Orders, which at the time of their existence, while not enemies, were militant rivals. Those Orders are commonly referred to as Knights Templar (the Order of the Temple) and Knights Hospitaller (the Order of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta). No evidence exists of any connection between the great medieval Orders and the modern masonic Orders.

The Order is Christian in content, so only those professing the Christian faith are eligible to join. The ceremonies are dramatic, dignifed and impressive, drawing their themes from the celebrated chivalric Orders of the Knights of the Temple and the Knights of Malta.

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Robert McIntyre Preceptory
No. 165

Consecrated in 1988

Robert McIntyre No. 165 is a Knights Templar Preceptory

Order Information

Night Time

Meeting Dates:
2nd Mon (Feb, May, Aug, Nov)

Order Tyling:
7.30pm (QLD)

History of the
Knights Templar

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Robert McIntyre No. 165
Honour Board

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Other Important Dates


2nd Monday in November

7.30pm (QLD)

How to Join
Robert McIntyre No. 165

Step 1

Membership Requirements

Candidacy is restricted to Royal Arch Companions
in good standing, who profess a belief in the
Christian faith and the Holy Trinity.

Step 2

Invitation Only

Notably, our Order does not look to expand
its numbers for the sake of it and
membership is by written invitation only.

Robert McIntyre No. 165

Please address all enquiries to the Secretary.

We will be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you might have about
Knights Templar or Robert McIntyre No. 165.


Contact our Secretary for all enquiries

Ted O’Neil


Ph: 07 5594 2665

Robert McIntyre No. 165

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Robert McIntyre Preceptory
No. 165

We Meet Every

2nd Monday of the month
(Feb, May, Aug & Nov)

Tyling at 7.30pm (QLD)

We Meet At

Twin Towns Masonic Centre

8 Boyd St, Tweed Heads, N.S.W.

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